Listen To The Movies

Featuring the greatest movie soundtracks of all time with a full screen backdrop of magical movie moments


Listen To The Movies

Listen To The Movies – an all new live music performance by Andrew Oh, Tom Ferris and their amazing band consisting of world class musicians and vocalists. This is a stunning show featuring the greatest movie soundtracks of all time complete with a full screen backdrop of magical movie moments. The band delivers a truly memorable musical evening that will completely engage you from beginning to end.

Listen To The Movies is coming to a venue near you, bringing back fond memories of the wonderful soundtracks from your favourite movies. The full screen backdrop offers the audience complete immersion as memorable scenes from the themes being played are shown larger than life. 

The band showcases themes from movies including Jaws, Ghostbusters, The Pink Panther and much more with thrilling accuracy. Tom’s accoustic rendition of the theme from The Deer Hunter has to be seen (and heard) to be believed.  

Andrew Oh plays flute, saxophones and the Roland Aerophone throughout the show, with vocalists, bass guitar, keyboards, percussion, drums and Tom on guitars. Andrew and Tom provide the audience with dialogue throughout the show giving insights into previously unknown secrets behind the movies featured in the show.

Take a look at Andrew’s Youtube channel to see the promo video of this exciting new show.