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Australian Saxophonist Andrew Oh has recorded his first Flute album in 2021 which also features his Tenor and Soprano Saxophone talent. Andrew’s Roland Aerophone also added the colours of Muted Trumpet, Harmonica, Accordion and String Pads. The music on this new album demonstrates Andrew’s versatility playing various instruments with the passion and expressiveness unique to his personal style. This recording is a fusion of jazz, soul, blues and latin combined to deliver a whole new direction in improvised music.

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ANDREW OH - 1997

Sax player Andrew Oh created a lyrical, deep project with his distinctive, self-titled debut smooth jazz CD released in 1997. The album which features original smooth jazz compositions co-written by Oh, was recorded in Nashville and features Chester Thompson – Drums, Dave Hungate – Bass, Eric Darken – Percussion, Tom Reynolds – Keyboards and Denny Jiosa – Guitar. Produced by the team of Denny Jiosa & Michael Moryc, this album received very favourable placing on the Gavin Smooth Jazz Charts.

Andrew Oh's CD Cover - Andrew Oh


Be certain to check out Andrew Oh's distinctive, self-titled CD. This sax player has created a lyrical, deep project with production assistance from Denny Jiosa and Michael Moryc. Oh's cover of "Happy Ever After" sounds like an absolute natural, but "Turn Up The Heat," "Autumn In April," and "I Can't Stop Dreaming" have strong appeal, too.
Carol Archer​
Nac/Smooth Jazz Albums
Another shot has been fired across the bow of the Nashville Smooth jazz scene, celebrating a brand new face in the format. Guitarist Denny Jiosa and our friend Michael Moryc hit the studio to produce newcomer saxophonist Andrew Oh's self-titled debut. Oh has a robust tone and moves deftly between tenor, alto and soprano. Whether it's the robust tenor tones of "It's Time," the sensual soprano smatterings of "Autumn in April," or the more adventurous alto rhythms and changes on 'Inside Out." Smooth Jazz programmers can easily roll with Andrew Oh.
Keith Zimmerman​
Gavin Smooth Jazz​

SILK - 2003

Silk is the now classic 2003 Smooth Jazz album released by world class Saxophone player, Andrew Oh. Singapore born Australian, Andrew Oh, created his masterpiece, Silk, in 2003 – the universally acclaimed, sophisticated, stylish and contemporary Saxophone album. This album is soulful, relaxing and a must for saxophone fans. Andrew’s playing is mature, inventive and also refreshing. Silk is a smooth, stylish Australian saxophone album that features some of the best musicians from Australia and America including Noel Elmowy (keyboards, producer, composer), Louie Shelton and Land Richards.

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The quality of Oh's sound and playing, while mature and inventive, also suggests a freshness which automatically assumes a youth which belies the man's extensive experience. It is a charming and mightily enjoyable album. Beautifully cafted sax.
Michael Foster
The Canberra Times
A great deal better than the trillion selling Kenny G. Andrew Oh is an outstanding player at an international level.
Gail Brennan
The Sydney Morning Herald
Andrew Oh's SILK has defined the new direction of jazz. Bravo!
Terry Gaynon